Why should Telemarketing be part of your strategy

"Customers will want to talk to you if they believe you can solve their problems"
- Jeffrey Gitomer

In today’s day and age, you may wonder if telemarketing is still relevant. It is often underestimated as a lead generation and sales tool, however it is an optimal tool used when used properly.


Why should Telemarketing be part of your Marketing Strategy

  1. Gives your business a personal touch
    Telemarketing is conversational and interactive. The client gets a sense of the feel of your brand and company by how the telemarketer speaks and delivers through the call.

    It is the first step in the buyer’s journey where your market finds out about you, hear about your offers and forms an opinion about you.


  1. Real-time transfers / Appointment setting
    Once the potential client gets interested and wants to learn more, telemarketers can transfer real-time to the available sales agent or set an appointment for their preferred time.

    This is mostly applicable to industries such as insurance wherein, only a licensed insurance agent can sell and discuss policies to clients. 


  1. Your insurance agents can focus more in converting sales
    With telemarketing, your sales agent can just focus on making sales and build client relationships. Not having to comb through a thousand leads, they will be more productive by making sales from the already interested prospects.