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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you handle all forms of insurance?

As of now, we only cater to Property and Casualty Insurance.

Do you provide training to your Virtual Assistants?

Yes. All InsBOSS Virtual Assistants have undergone more than 160 hours of intensive training.

What training did your Virtual Assistant get?

We give trainees a comprehensive simulated experience on InsBOSS 5 stages of insurance so they have a working knowledge by the time they start integrating with their assigned client. Holistic approach of training as opposed to key-strokes.

Are the Virtual Assistants licensed?

They are not licensed. However, 80-90% of your daily back-office tasks can be done by your VAs. The only thing that they cannot do is they cannot sell or discuss a policy.

What are the tasks your Insurance Virtual Assistants can do?

Our Virtual Assistants can do insurance back-office tasks from Application, Quoting, Binding, Policy Issuance, Servicing to  Miscellaneous tasks such as customer service, commission reconciliation, keeping track of renewals, etc.

Can my Virtual Assistants take and make calls?

Yes, our VA’s can take and make phone calls for you.

Can I choose my Virtual Assistant?

Yes. You can choose your Virtual Assistant through a Screening Phase. However, to be more convenient for you, we highly encourage you to entrust the profiling of your VA to us as we already have a Proven Process in place.

How would I know if my Virtual Assistants are working?

Your Virtual Assistant will be sending Start-of-day and End-of-day emails each working day. The Virtual Assistant and Client Success Managers will be in a video meeting for the whole duration of the shift to make sure that every task is being completed.

How will I know what tasks they have worked on?

We will be sending you an End-of-Day report highlighting the tasks done by your VA each day.

Who makes sure my Virtual Assistants are doing the tasks correctly and accurately?

InsBOSS Quality Control Department audits the tasks of the VAs. Moreover, all VAs are under the guidance of their respective Client Success Manager and Subject Matter Experts who make sure that they do the task efficiently and accurately.

Can I try your services first with a Part-time option?

Definitely yes. You can start with a Part-time option to see if our service is a good fit to your insurance business.

Are they knowledgeable with navigating different Agency Management Systems?

Yes. Our Client Success Managers and Subject Matter Experts who are supervising the Virtual Assistants have all working knowledge in navigating different Agency Management Systems.