The Benefits of working with our Telemarketers

Insurance Telemarketing Services

Win the game by trying our virtual assistance service and set up your very own telemarketing operations without lifting a finger.

Pre-trained in the basics of insurance

Our InsBOSS Telemarketers go through a customized intensive training process on the basics of insurance. 

Customizable performance reports

We provide data and reports on key metrics.

Get total support—not just your telemarketer

With InsBOSS, you have an entire team working towards your success and business freedom. A team will manage the day-to-day performance for you.

Adaptable to any phone service

Our telemarketers can adapt to the most used phone services in the industry.

Real-time communication

We transfer the call or set appointments to your licensed insurance producers and agents.

Know more About Telemarketers


We’ll learn how your business operates, then recommend a workflow designed especially for your company.


We call your leads and work towards increasing your database.

Warm Transfer

We will connect a lead with your licensed agents. No time wasted, no opportunity missed – we will connect your leads with your licensed agents.

Get customized reports that clue you in on emerging trends, as well as our own analysis and recommendations.

Let’s work together.


Back-Office Services

All hands on deck. Helping hands-free you of the tasks that keep you from doing more.


Telemarketing Services

Business with a personal touch. Grow sales and nurture customer relationships.

Take back your freedom now

Just answer a few quick questions and we’ll match you with the back-office services you need to unlock more free time than you ever thought possible.

Get the freedom to do more.

Grow your business with InsBOSS