The era of Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants have been gaining immense demand in the last few years. And its popularity has risen even more because of the pandemic.
Since the pandemic happened, working from home has been a common work arrangement for some industries. It has proven that you can still do work without physically showing up at the office, and it helps reduce expenses.

So, why not join in with the latest trend of business?

Not all Virtual Assistants are the same
      Virtual Assistants are administrative assistants usually working offshore. They perform back-office tasks just like an employee would normally do. 

But not all Virtual Assistants are the same.

There are VAs who do general administrative tasks, and there are those who are comprehensively trained to do tasks related to a specific industry such as insurance.

It would be wise to hire someone with knowledge and training in your specific industry. In short, hire someone who knows what they’re doing.


More than 160 hours of training
      Save time and effort on training: With comprehensive simulations, exams, interviews and assessments – our InsBOSS Virtual Assistants go through a customized intensive training process on the basics of insurance.

Be at ease knowing that your Virtual Assistant already have the working knowledge by the time we start integrating with your organization, and up to 90% of your daily tedious tasks can be accomplished while you focus on things that matter most.