Basic Packages

Part-Time, Monthly

$ 1,099


Part-Time, Semi Annual

$ 1,049


Full-Time, Monthly

$ 1,649


Full-Time, Semi Annual

$ 1,569


Premium Packages

Part-Time, Monthly

$ 1,209


Part-Time, Semi Annual

$ 1,149


Full-Time, Monthly

$ 1,819


Full-Time, Semi Annual

$ 1,729


Full-time = 8 hours a day. Part-time = 4 hours a day. No back-up coverage for Basic Package; pro-rated credit will take effect. One business day allowed for non-coverage due to VA’s unscheduled leave/absence. Back-up coverage for Premium Package in case of VA’s absence/leave

The Benefits of working with InsBOSS VAs

Be at ease knowing you don't need to start from scratch

Work with trained InsBOSS virtual assistants from the get go.

Save time and effort on training

Your InsBOSS virtual assistants go through comprehensive assessments and simulations and an intensive training program on the basics of insurance.

Sit back and relax

Up to 90% of your tedious daily tasks can be accomplished by your InsBOSS virtual assistant.

Enjoy the freedom to do more
Get more out of your hours by focusing on the things that matter—nurturing relationships, closing a sale, and growing your business.
Get a support team at no additional cost

A Customer Success Team, Quality Control Department, and your Account Executive team with your InsBOSS virtual assistant to make sure we meet your expectations.

The InsBOSS Proven Process

The InsBOSS Proven Process is designed to match your needs to match the best person for the job.

Discovery Phase

(1 hour)

Your needs and requirements will be identified during this session.

1st Strategic Planning

(1 hour and 30 mins)

You will be introduced to the key InsBOSS Team Members that will assist you and your InsBOSS virtual assistant to become an effective and productive support for your organization.

2nd Strategic Planning

(30 mins)

Your workflow process will be finalized. The integration of InsBOSS with your organization will be planned out.

Screening Phase

(Optional – 30 mins)

You will be introduced to up to 3 candidates. You will choose who your assigned Insurance Virtual Assistant Specialist (IVAS) will be.

Integration Phase

(10 Business Days)

You will interact with your Insurance Virtual Assistant Specialist and InsBOSS Support Team to demonstrate the tasks and responsibilities you want to assign.

Execution Phase

(Official Start Date)

Simply, we will get things done.

Client Success Management Phase

(Long-term Partnership)

We will strive to provide you more freedom with our service.

We didn't have a process in the past. I hired people to do the Accounting and it didn't work the same InsBOSS does with my agency. I am happy with the progress, very satisfied.

Dan Santora

Need a reliable insurance back-office support? We got you!
Delegate your insurance back-office tasks to the right people, and enjoy the freedom to be more and do more!