Virtual Assistant vs In-house Employee?

Which is right for you?

Employees are important assets to a business. They contribute effectively towards the successful functioning of an organization. But it’s not just about hiring people – it’s choosing the right people for you.

Since the rise of Virtual Assistant, the virtual assistant vs. in-house employee has been a discussion. Both types of team members can carry out your back-office tasks, but how do you determine which one is the better option?

Virtual Assistant: (Pros and Cons)

A Virtual Assistant is an administrative assistant working offshore. They act as an extension of your office performing your back-office tasks just like an employee would normally do. Hiring virtual assistants help businesses reduce general and administrative overhead by serving as flexible, reliable, and resourceful sources of talent.


  • Cost-efficient. Hiring Virtual Assistants is cheaper than hiring an in-house employee. You don’t have to pay employee-related tax, office supplies, equipment expenses, holiday and sick pay, and employee insurance.
  • Flexibility of hiring. You can hire a Virtual Assistant for short-term, long-term or project-based periods without a lengthy HR process.
  • No training cost. Virtual Assistants hone their skills and abilities to be competitive. This means saving in training costs and time, unless you want to provide further training.


  • Virtual communication. It could be challenging to maintain constant communication since Virtual Assistants work remotely in a different location as you.
  • Technical difficulties. In the event that there are technical difficulties on the VA side, it could hurt productivity.

Employee: (Pros and Cons)

An employee is an individual who works full-time or part-time under a contract of employment. They are a permanent team member of your staff and has a specific duty to perform. You have to pay each permanent employee a salary (with a fixed monthly or hourly rate) and a range of employee benefits.


  • Personal interaction. Communication is easier with personal interaction. This is also ideal for building relationships between the employer and the employees.
  • Address issues effectively. It’s easier to fix technical and work-related issues.
  • Keeping track of productivity. You can easily monitor your people’s performance and attendance since they are physically at work with you.


  • Higher overhead expense. Hiring an in-house employee is more expensive as it comes with employee benefits such as holiday pays, insurance, taxes and others.
  • Expensive investment. Employers handle the training of the employees which costs time and money. More so, it would incur more costs if the employee resigns and need to hire a new one.
  • Lengthy HR process. Hiring an employee undergoes a lengthy process from interviews, assessments, completing documents to onboarding.

Finding the right fit: Virtual Assistant vs. Employee

The simplest way to find the right fit for you is to figure out your needs and priorities. You can start by asking yourself these questions.

  1. Do you need someone to work for a short-term or long-term period?
    Employees are great for long-term support given that hiring one is already an expensive investment, while Virtual Assistants are great for both long-term and short term.

  1. Are you budget conscious?
    If you’re a small business owner with a limited budget, hiring a Virtual Assistant is the more cost-effective option. If you have the budget and can pay for overhead expenses, then hiring an employee might be a right fit.

  1. What is the complexity of your daily tasks?
    If your tasks are back-office and do not need physical interaction with your customers or other stakeholders, then a Virtual Assistant can get the things done for you. However, if if the tasks will be needed for your team to be on-the-job, an employee is the better choice.

Final Thoughts

The easiest and smartest way to make the right choice whether to hire a Virtual Assistant or an employee is to figure out what your specific needs and priorities are. If hiring a Virtual Assistant sounds the best choice for you, you may visit our website to learn more.