InsBOSS Joins ABU’s 2024 National Insurance Trade Show and Conference

InsBOSS Joins ABU’s 2024 National Insurance Trade Show and Conference

The Agent Brokers United (ABU) recently concluded its National Insurance and Trade Show Convention. At InsBOSS, we were excited to participate in this event that brought together insurance professionals from across the state.

This year marked the convention’s 2nd annual run, held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s one of the largest insurance conventions, providing a platform for independent insurance agencies and brokers to connect, learn, and grow.

During the event, InsBOSS showcased its Insurance Virtual Assistant Services. These services can help streamline operations for independent insurance agencies and brokers. By outsourcing your insurance back-office solutions, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you want to save time, increase profits, or build a self-running insurance business, InsBOSS can provide the freedom to do more!

What is ABU?

Agent Brokers United (ABU) is an important group that helps independent insurance agencies and brokers. They give their members resources, support, and a community to help them succeed in the competitive insurance business. ABU wants to empower its members by providing education, networking, and access to leading tools and strategies.

ABU, along with its founder Jon Spaugy and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ricky Brito, creates an environment where agents and brokers can work together. They help independent agents and brokers deal with challenges in the insurance industry and find new opportunities to grow their businesses.

Every year, ABU holds a big National Insurance Trade Show and Conference. At this event, speakers, insurance experts, and technology innovators come together to share valuable tips and strategies for success. This conference allows attendees to learn from industry leaders and gain useful insights to help grow their businesses.

Key Highlights of the ABU Insurance Convention

Rio Hotel and Casino. ABU National Insurance Trade Show and Convention was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 30 until May 02, 2024.
(Photo credits: Mr. Chris Gallegos)

Key Highlights of the ABU Insurance Convention

The ABU’s 2024 National Insurance Trade Show and Convention was packed with insightful sessions, inspiring speeches, and valuable networking and exhibiting opportunities for insurance brokers, agencies, and vendors alike. 

Here are some key highlights from the event: 

Day 1:
    • The first day of the event on April 30, 2024, was divided into two parts — morning & afternoon sessions.
    • The morning session was filled with many informative keynote sessions.
    • The first session saw Austin Moorhead in a company presentation talk. He was followed by Jason Class, who spoke about why AI can be our secret weapon in winning the battle for our time and money.
    • The morning session also had Davie Holt, who kickstarted the event by celebrating his birthday the day, on stage. He talked about independent insurance agencies and broker’s preparedness for a virtual workforce.
    • Next up on the stage was Jeff Sophiea who talked about the 5’s to successful hiring.
    • Lastly, capping the first day’s morning session was former NFL football star and owner of Lights Out Insurance Agency, Shawne Merriman.
    • During the afternoon session, InsBOSS finally found our time to shine as the trade show floor opened and we interacted with insurance professionals looking to streamline their back-office solutions with skilled insurance virtual assistants.

Day 2:
    • On the second day of the event, Dr. Billy R. Williams took to the stage to discuss prospect and customer communication best practices in a hard market.
    • He was followed by Eric Maybaum who spoke about how small insurance businesses can compete and win against the best insurance agencies. 
    • Next up on the day 2 stage was Cassidy Arbeli, CEO of the Arbeli group who touched on the topic of building a self-ran and high-profiting business.
    • Following her up on the stage is the Head of Marketing at Canopy Connect, Ray Huang, who shared how to reduce the resistance in your quoting process and explore the hidden roadblocks slowing down your quotes. 

    • Lastly, the drawing the curtains of the event was Taylor Alverez and Taylor Brough who taught the attendees how to turn their P&C book into a goldmine.
    • Afterward, the trade show floor opened again in the afternoon session to allow exhibitors and vendors to network and connect with the attendees. 

Who is InsBOSS?

At InsBOSS, we always strive to show genuine care like we are family to our clients, and to our insurance virtual assistants. Hence, we provide tailored Insurance Back Office Solutions to insurance agencies and brokers to help them free their time, energy, and money for more meaningful things. 

Our mission is to empower our partner insurance agencies to foster meaningful relationships built on genuine care with their customers. With this, we aim to help you grow your insurance business by treating it like it is our own. 

Our team of skilled insurance virtual assistants provides comprehensive back-office solutions such as:

From applications to renewals and endorsements, our insurance virtual assistants can help you handle all policy management tasks efficiently, freeing you from being chained to your desk and drowning in paperwork.

Additionally, our insurance telemarketers can help you build your client base through cold-calling leads and customers to offer them your insurance services. Spend less time manning the phone and more time making meaningful connections with customers who are ready to convert. 

Stay on top of your books with our virtual accountants who can help you handle your financial processes from generating invoices to following up on payments and recording them. Be in the know where your money goes with our virtual accounting services right at your fingertips. 

At InsBOSS, we understand the challenges that independent insurance agencies face and are committed to delivering tailored solutions that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve profitability. 

By taking care of your insurance back-office workload, we allow brokers to reclaim valuable time and freedom to focus on growing your businesses.

Who is InsBOSS?

Bringing Freedom To Every Life We Touch. InsBOSS Co-CEOs Joe Gallegos and Chris Gallegos with attendees from ABU’s National Insurance Trade Show and Convention
(Photo credits: Mr. Joe Gallegos)

Why Hire an Insurance Virtual Assistant?

Scaling an insurance business requires a strategic approach to maximize growth while maintaining high levels of client service. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a game-changer for independent agencies and brokers, helping you cut through the daily workload and focus on ideas that could grow your business.

Here’s how bringing a virtual assistant on board can help you scale your insurance business effectively:

  1. Time Savings
    One of the biggest benefits of an insurance virtual assistant is the time they can save you. By handling routine tasks like data entry, policy management, and appointment scheduling, they free up your day for more strategic work and meaningful client interactions.

  2. Efficiency Gains
    Insurance virtual assistants specializing in the insurance industry possess deep domain knowledge, allowing them to work efficiently and accurately while upholding high standards of client service.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness
    Since insurance virtual assistants work remotely, you eliminate the need for additional office space or equipment, saving on overhead costs. Their flexible employment model also provides financial flexibility – you can hire full-time, part-time, or project-based assistants tailored to your unique needs.

  4. Enhanced Client Relationships
    With administrative tasks off your plate, you can dedicate more time to networking, building stronger relationships with clients, and fostering loyalty. This enhanced client focus can lead to more referrals and a wider reach for new leads and business.

In essence, a virtual assistant acts as a force multiplier, amplifying your productivity while allowing you to concentrate on the high-impact activities that drive growth for your insurance business.

Outsourcing Your Insurance Back Office Solutions

Outsourcing your back-office solutions to InsBOSS is a smart move for independent insurance professionals looking to scale efficiently. 

Our team of skilled insurance virtual assistants and support staff are always ready to handle your administrative workload, giving you more time, energy, and headspace to build client relationships and grow your insurance business. 

Whether you need specialized insurance virtual assistant services, insurance telemarketing services, or virtual accounting and bookkeeping services, you count on InsBOSS to have you covered. 

Ready to take your insurance agency to the next level? Book a consultation with us today to learn more about how our insurance back-office solutions can help you achieve your business goals. 

Because here at InsBOSS, you can count on us to treat your business like it is our business.