7-Step Process

Your success map

Discovery Phase

You’ll will be recommended the service package best suited for your goals and needs.

1st Strategic Planning

You’ll will be introduced to the key InsBOSS Team Members that will assist you and your insurance VA to become an effective and productive support for your organization.

2nd Strategic

Your workflow process will be finalized. The integration of InsBOSS with your organization will be planned out.

Screening Phase

This step Optional. If you don’t need to do screening, you can trust us to choose the right IVAS for you.

Integration Phase

You will interact with your IVAS and InsBOSS Support Team to demonstrate the tasks and responsibilities you want to assign.

Execution Phase

Simply, we will get things done. This is the official start of your billing period.

Client Success Phase

We will continuously communicate to align ourselves with your goals.

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