Part-Time, Monthly

$ 999


Best Value!

Full-Time, Monthly

$ 1,499


1 day integration process. Plus $5 incentive to Telemarketer per warm transfer.

The Benefits of working with our Telemarketers

Insurance Telemarketing Services

Win the game by trying our virtual assistance service and set up your very own telemarketing operations without lifting a finger.

Pre-trained in the basics of insurance

Our InsBOSS Telemarketers go through a customized intensive training process on the basics of insurance. 

Customizable performance reports

We provide data and reports on key metrics.

Get total support—not just your telemarketer

With InsBOSS, you have an entire team working towards your success and business freedom. A team will manage the day-to-day performance for you.

Adaptable to any phone service

Our telemarketers can adapt to the most used phone services in the industry.

Real-time communication

We transfer the call or set appointments to your licensed insurance producers and agents.

The InsBOSS Proven Process

The InsBOSS Proven Process is designed to match your needs to match the best person for the job.

Discovery Phase

(1 hour)

Your needs and requirements will be identified during this session.

Strategic Planning

(1 hour and 30 mins)

You will be introduced to the key InsBOSS Team Members that will assist you and your InsBOSS telemarketer to become an effective and productive support for your organization.

Screening Phase

(Optional – 30 mins)

You will be introduced to 2 to 3 candidates. You will choose who your assigned Insurance Telemarketer will be.

Integration Phase

(1 Business Day)

You will interact with your Insurance Telemarketer and InsBOSS Support Team to demonstrate the tasks and responsibilities you want to assign.

Execution Phase

(Official Start Date)

We do the call, you get the sales.

Client Success Management Phase

(Long-term Partnership)

We will strive to provide you more freedom with our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you handle all forms of insurance?

As of now, we only cater to Property and Casualty Insurance.

How much training do your Telemarketers get?

InsBOSS Telemarketers have undergone more than 40 hours of intensive training with mock call assessments and comprehensive simulated experience so they have a working knowledge by the time we start integrating with your organization.

Can I choose my Telemarketer?

Yes. We can have a Screening phase. However, to be more convenient for you, we highly encourage you to entrust the profiling of your Telemarketer to us as we already have a Proven Process in place.

What are the tasks your Insurance Telemarketer can do?

InsBOSS Insurance telemarketers can do cold calls, promote special promos, appointment setting and live transfers.

Can I try your services first with a Part-time option?

Definitely yes. You can start with a Part-time option to see if our service is a good fit to your insurance business.

Can your telemarketers sell insurance policies?

Since our telemarketers are not licensed insurance agents, they cannot sell insurance policies. Instead, they can call your leads, set an appointment or live transfer it to your insurance agents.

Is there an incentive given to telemarketers per transfers?

Yes. There will be a $5 incentive per transfer.

We didn't have a process in the past. I hired people to do the Accounting and it didn't work the same InsBOSS does with my agency. I am happy with the progress, very satisfied.

Dan Santora

Need a reliable insurance back-office support? We got you!
Delegate your insurance back-office tasks to the right people, and enjoy the freedom to be more and do more!